Aquatics Offerings

Join us in the only regulation-size, disability accessible public indoor pool in the area. The water is heated to a wonderful 83 degrees year-round offering the pleasant swimming experience even on the coldest winter day.

The YWCA offers open swim, water fitness classes, swim lessons, therapeutic swim, splash parties and more! Pay as you go with a basic membership or select the aquatics membership that’s right for you and your family! A variety of swim lessons and Aquatics School programs are available to fit everybody’s skills or needs.

We rent our pool out by the half hour or hour to groups - including groups with people who have special needs (including Special Olympians and people of all ages with various disabilities). Rental fees include certified lifeguards as well. Please call our Aquatics Director, Linda Sherman for more information or email her at

There are many different payment options to participate in our aquatic programs.

You may choose to buy a basic membership for a low yearly amount and an additional pay-as-you-go price of $3.50 for each swim or $5.50 for each water fitness class.

Or, you may decide not to become a member and purchase a punch card instead that will give you the opportunity to swim 15 times for a set price – prices vary according to your age and the type of swim that you are interested in (lap swimming, fitness classes, etc.).

We also offer swim memberships where you may come as often as you like within a set period (monthly, 3 months, or yearly) – again, these vary according to age and type of swim.


Basic Yearly Membership Pricing:

  • Senior $45.00 (60+)
  • Adult $55.00 (18-59)
  • Youth $35.00 (13-17)
  • Child $30.00 (6 months – 12)
  • Family $160.00 (up to 4 children and 2 adults in the same household).

YWCA memberships are non-refundable or transferable

Special Prices:

  • Magic Y-World: Family Member (2 adults, 4 children) $18.00  Family Non-Member (2 adults, 4 children) $24.00
  • Y-Wide Members $0, Open Swim Members $4.00, Basic Members $6.00, Non-Members $8.50. All families must have Basic Family Membership to get Family Member price.  Family Specials are for up to 6 people living in the same household and must include at least one adult.

Open Swim & Locker Room Age Requirements

Ages 7 and under: Parent must go into the water with child.  Child may use any locker room with adult supervision.

Ages 8 & 9: Parent must stay in the building.  Child may go into pool alone only if able to swim without flotation.  Child must use companion locker room or gender appropriate locker room.

Ages 10 & up: May be in building by themselves.  Must use gender appropriate locker room.

All Ages: Any non-swimmers parents must go in the water with the child.



Descriptions of  Swims

Adult Lane Swim: 4 Lanes available for lap swim and 2 lanes for exercising.  Ages 14 & up.

Lap Swim: Participants need to be able to swim continuous laps.  For all ages.

Family Swim:  Two lanes in for lap swim.  Remainder of pool available for free play.

Therapeutic Swim:  People with disabilities and / or chronic illness who would benefit from water therapy.  Must fill in paperwork prior to attending this program.  For all ages.

Magic Y-World:  Come enjoy our wonderful pool transformed into a water park with inflatable floats.  For ages 3 and up.

Women’s Swim: For women of all ages and female parents with male children under age 5. 3 lanes in for lap swim, remainder of pool open.


Swim Lessons


Water Babies – 6 to 35 months:  Water adjustment class for the infant who has never had lessons or is still working on beginner skills.

Puddle Jumpers – 9-35 months: For the child who has completed Water Babies and is swimming on their own with flotation.

Parent & Tot – 6 to 35 months: Water adjustment class in which each child learns and works on skills at his/her own rate.

Water Explorers – 3 to 7 years: Working on all levels of swimming skills at his/her own pace and or is hesitant to be in the water without a parent to participate.


Aquatots – 3 to 5 years: Introduction to water skills.  For the child who has never had lessons and/ or is hesitant in the water.

Guppies - 3 to 5 years: Introduction to water skills.  For the child who can swim the width by him/herself with flotation and can go underwater without crying.

Guppies Plus – 3 to 5 years: Fundamental aquatic skills.  For the child who can swim 25ft by him/herself on front and back.

Jellyfish – 3 to 6 years: Fundamental aquatic skills.  For the child who can swim the width of the pool (42ft) by him/herself on front and back.

Advanced Jellyfish – 3 to 6 years: Stroke development.  For the child who can dive in and swim the length of the pool (25yds) beginner stroke with rhythmic breathing and swim on his/her back.


Polliwog – 5 to 12 years: Introduction to water skills.  For the child who has never had lessons, is hesitant,does not like getting face wet, and needs flotation to swim.

Advanced Polliwog – 5 to 12 years: Fundamental aquatic skills.  For the child who can jump in and swim the width (42ft) of the pool and is comfortable in deep water.

Tadpoles – 5 to 15 years: Stroke development.  For the child who can swim the length (25yds) of the pool beginner stroke with rhythmic breathing and swim on back.

Adult Swim Lesson: 15 and older: For adult swimmers who have never had swim lessons or just beginning to learn how to swim.

 Water Fitness Classes

Low intensity shallow water class: Exercises that increase flexibility and range of motion using pieces of equipment such as noodles, barbells, disks and weights.

Low intensity deep water class:  Great workout for those recovering from muscle, bone or joint injuries.  Flotation belts will enable participants to focus on strengthening different muscle groups and improving flexibility.

Moderate intensity class:  This class uses resistance equipment, steps and cardiovascular exercise to improve flexibility, increase muscle strength, and enhance one’s general levels of fitness.

High intensity class:  Designed to increase stamina, improve cardiovascular function and breathing through the use of vigorous exercise with weights, resistance equipment and steps.

Aqua stretch:  This class focuses on improving balance, increasing core strength, and enhancing flexibility using a variety of pieces of water exercise equipment.


Snorkeling at the YWCA Pool



 Tiger Shark logo updatedTiger Sharks Swim Team


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Aquatics School 2014

Aquatics School 2014

Swim Schedules  Click here


AQUA ZUMBAThe YWCA is now offering Aqua Zumba!  Led by licensed instructor Marian V. Emano, this class will be offered to individuals 10 years and older who can follow instructions and manage being in the water.  Aqua Zumba integrates the Zumba
formula and philosophy into an invigorating low-impact aquatic exercise.  A workout that’s cardio-conditioning, body toning and challenging.  Aqua Zumba has the typical land-based Zumba dance steps which provide a low-impact workout.  Aqua Zumba will be offered every Tuesday night 6:30-7:15 pm and will be part of our regular Water Fitness Schedule – meaning that if you have a Fitness Membership or Fitness Punch card, there will not be an additional charge to participate in Aqua Zumba! No class on May 27th

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We are a proud sponsor and supporter of the Maine and local Special Olympics. Each year we host the local aquatic special Olympics



Winter Cold got you down?

magic y cropped No need to be cold.  Have a Splash party with all your friends in our HEATED pool!

Cost of Splash Parties:
$200 members
$250 non-members

Each party consists of an hour in the pool (Magic Y World) and an hour in the gym.


Book your Party TODAY!




During inclement weather the YWCA of Central Maine will post late opening, early closings and closing statements on local TV channels 6, 8 and 13.  The YWCA will also change its ext. 110 answering service message with this information.  To access this line please dial 795-4054 ext. 110


The YWCA may change the swim schedule for any unforeseen reasons or close the pool at times for the safety of swimmers.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  The YWCA Aquatic Department will offer special pool schedules on some Holidays and school vacations.

YWCA Encore:

A Breast Cancer Exercise Program

YWCA Encore is a free 6-week program designed specifically for those who have experienced breast cancer.  The program helps relieve discomfort and restore mobility, flexibility and confidence through gentle warm water exercise.  The weekly, small group, half hour program is conducted by a trained instructor and held at the Lewiston YWCA.  Free access to the YWCA pool and take home exercises provided.  Registration limited to 10 participants per session.

Presented by: Judy Emch, Certified American Red Cross and Encore Instructor


 The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing

Appropriate for: Patients and survivors

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