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Dear YWCA Members and Friends,

The YWCA of Central Maine is embarking on developing its strategic plan that will help guide its programming and initiatives for the next five years. As we begin this process, we are looking for input from you on the needs and strengths of Lewiston/Auburn and the surrounding communities. In order to do this, we are conducting a survey on what kinds of programs, events, and services we can provide to better serve this community. If you are able, please take the time to answer this short questionnaire. You are not required to answer every question and the survey can be taken anonymously. If you choose to complete the survey and include your name and phone number, you will be entered to win a swim punch card.

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Kindergym is Back!
Come in out of the cold and let your child (2-5 year old) play in our gym. Please click here


 Family Paint Nightfamily paint class

 is coming to the YWCA in March!    Don’t miss it!

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 New Fitness Classes coming to the YWCA in March!

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natur_water_ripples_realistic_5563    YWCA swim schedules and swim lesson schedules are available here




YWCA offers American Red Cross Swimming Lessons!

YWCA Swim classes begin the week of February 23, 2014. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 1-4 and the second leading cause for kids under the age of 14. Great way to stay safe around the water this summer, sign up for swim lessons today! Details of times and levels (1-6) may be found on the YWCA website or by calling the YWCA at 795-4050.


Parent & Child Level A (ages 6 month – 3 years)      

This class is designed for children who have either no water experience or one previous session of water adjustment lessons.


Parent & Child Level B (ages 18 months – 3 years)

Parents participate with children to learn water adjustment and safety skills. This class is designed for children who: have had two or more previous sessions of water adjustment lessons, or swim independently with flotation.


Parent & Child Level C (ages 3-7 years)

This class is designed for children who have no water experience or are fearful of

entering the water without a parent.


Preschool Swim(ages 3-5 years)

Preschool Level 1, 2 & 3 swim lessons, which focus on the developmental skills of pre-school aged children. No parent in the water.



Beginner Swim (ages 6 years & up)

Beginner Level 1 & 2 swim lessons, which focuses on the devleopmental skills of a non-swimmer and or a simmer with little to no prior swim lessons. A combination of both levels will be taught for this lesson.


Advanced Beginner Swim (ages 6 years & up Level 3)

Completion of Level 2 or the student must be able to float on their front and back independently for five seconds and swim unassisted for five body lengths.


Intermediate Swim (ages 6 & up Level 4,5 & 6)

Completion of Level 3 or the student must be able to enter water head first and jump into deep water, swim 15 yards front crawl with rhythmic breathing, tread or float for 30 seconds and swim 15 yards elementary backstroke.


Synchronized Swimming

Ages 5-14 years

This class is designed as an introduction to synchronized swimming, focusing on the skills needed for recreational or team participation.

Swimming is for everyone

A recreational swimming pool experience for children and teens with special needs.

Trained Water Safety Instructors work with participants. One parent must go in water with the child or teen.

Adult Swim Lesson

Ages 15 and older: Designed for non-swimmers who will learn basic water skills including water   adjustment, floating and basic safety precautions, as well as swimmers who have mastered floating, prone glide beginning crawl stroke, back float, and basic backstroke.

Private swim lessons are also available by appointment.







New Swim Lesson schedule

Available here

Feb 23-May 16, 2015

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As a non-profit, the YWCA of Central Maine encourages and appreciates the support of corporations, small businesses, and individuals alike. Every donation helps us further our mission and support our community.

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